Clinical Sports Medicine International
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CSMI 2008

The Use of Mouth Protectors in Sports

Schulze A1

General Outpatient Ambulance and Sports Dentistry of the Institute of Sports Medicine, University of Leipzig (1Director: Prof. M.W. Busse, MD)


Schulze A. The use of mouth protectors in sports. Clinical Sports Medicine International (CSMI) 2008, 2: 20-23.
Some sports are correlated with a high risk of dental injuries. The damage or loss of a tooth causes high expenses in the following lifetime. Front-tooth damage or loss may cause additional aesthetic problems. Especially children and young people have a 50% risk for dental injury while growing up, 39% of all dental injuries in adolescents happen in public sports facilities. The damage of teeth and ambient tissues due to sports accidents can be reduced by use of a gum shield. Gum shields are an important preventive aid which works best when produced individually in accordance with specific sports requirements. Custom-made mouth protectors offer the greatest comfort, fit and durability.

Key words:gum shield, dental injuries in sports, high risk sports for dental injuries, custom-made mouth protectors,
prevention of dental injuries and surrounded tissues in sports.

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