Clinical Sports Medicine International
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CSMI 2008

Periodontal Diseases in Diabetics: Relationship, Prevention, and Treatment

Schulze A2, Busse M1

General Outpatient Ambulance1 and Dental Ambulance2 of the Institute of Sports Medicine, University of Leipzig
(1Director: Prof. M.W. Busse, MD, PhD)
(2Head: A. Schulze, DDS)


Schulze A, Busse M. Periodontal Diseases in Diabetics: Relationship, Prevention, and Treatment. Clinical Sports
Medicine International (CSMI) 2008, 2: 1-4.

Diabetes represents a risk factor for periodontitis. Poor glycemic management and prolonged duration of the disease are associated with severe periodontal disease, commonly called the sixth complication of diabetes. The systemic inflammatory response generated by inflamed periodontal tissue worsens insulin resistance and promotes diabetes. This evidence points to a vicious cycle of diabetes and periodontitis exacerbating each other, which ultimately brings the diabetics to the attention of oral health practitioners. The primary and secondary prevention of periodontal disease is an important diabetic task; an aggressive management of oral health and regular check-ups in diabetic patients may diminish the inflammatory milieu’s effects on diabetes control. Diabetics’ therapy of periodontal disease is a long-term venture, requiring a modification of the customary periodontal treatment applied to non-diabetics. The use of bacterial analysis is an important tool for the extended management of periodontal disease in diabetics.

Key words: diabetes, periodontal therapy in systemic diseases, periodontitis and diabetes control, insulin resistance.

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