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CSMI 2009

The single case study:
Combined endoperiodontal lesion and the effects on insulin resistance

Schulze A2 , Busse M1

General Outpatient Ambulance1 and Sports Dentistry2 of the Institute of Sports Medicine, University of Leipzig (1Director: Prof. M.W. Busse, MD) (2Head: A. Schulze, DDS)


Schulze A, Busse M. The single case study: Effects of root abscess treatment on insulin therapy in a type 2 diabetic patient. Clinical Sports Medicine International (CSMI) 2008, 2: 5-8.

Materials and methods:An acute apical abscess (tooth 16) was treated by dental trepanation and buccal incision. The
root canals were purified and irrigated with sodium hypochlorite solution. Starting on the seventh day after trepanation, the patient was treated systemically with clindamycin (3x300mg). This therapy was maintained for only 7.5 days due to lack of compliance by the patient. Since the patient was in general diabetes therapy, the daily insulin dose and blood glucose values were documented. Mean values were calculated from measurements taken 21 days before and after the dental therapy.

Results: Short and long term insulin units were reduced one day after root therapy had occurred. Markedly reduced insulin medication could also be maintained during the 21 days following the root canal therapy. The morning fasting glucose values and the late evening values were also slightly decreased in these 21 days.

Conclusion: From the anamnesis and the clinical signs it was obvious that the acute inflammation was due to a long lasting chronic apical periodontitis. The treatment of this inflammation apparently improved insulin sensitivity.

Keywords: diabetes, apical periodontitis, dental abscess, root therapy, insulin

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