Clinical Sports Medicine International
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CSMI 2015

The lactate minimum test – a valid method for determining the limit of individual endurance capacity

Hoppe S1,2, Reimann A1,2, Falz R1, Busse M1

1 Institute of Sports Medicine, University of Leipzig (Prof. M. Busse, MD)
2 these authors contributed equally to this work


Hoppe S, Reimann A, Falz R, Busse, M. The lactate minimum test – a valid method for determining the limit of individual endurance capacity. Clinical sports medicine international (CSMI). 2015, 8 (1): 18-26.

Purpose: To In order to define the limit of the individual endurance capacity the maximum lactate steady state (MLSS) is to be considered the physiological marker of choice. Due to the high temporal and material efforts a determination of the endurance capacity with the help of the repetitive continuous test is not practicable. As an alternative, an indirect determination with the help of the lactate minimum test can be implemented economically during an examination. In order to check if the lactate minimum concept can offer this possibility, a comprehensive literature research regarding validation articles was executed. This is supposed to supply scientists, coaches, therapists and athletes with a basis for applying and developing the lactate minimum concept further towards the standard of the indirect MLSS determination.

Materials and methods: 1291 english or german written articles were screened. 32 studies with evidence grade Ia - IIb (Cochrane Collaboration) were included.

Results:With the help of these studies, done on human beings and in animal experiments, it was detected that this minimum lactate concept is basically an objective, reliable and valid instrument to determine the individual endurance capacity while allowing a good testing economy.

Conclusion: The partially occurring underestimation of the MLSS can be corrected by an experienced user, therefore it particularly enables patients with cardio-vascular diseases to avoid overload at a maximum effective training.

Keywords: lactate minimum, lactate turning point, double incremental exercise test, endurance performance diagnostics



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